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Discover the power of WIDUNI (WIDE and UNIVERSAL), cutting-edge Custom-Made Software as a Service (C-SaaS) to revolutionize your IT landscape

The Future of IT is C-SaaS: Unlocking the Power of WIDUNI, a Ground-breaking IT Solution

At Astralinx, we are excited to present this first-of-its-kind IT solution that simplifies your digital journey through Low-Code and No-Code capabilities. With WIDUNI, you experience the perfect blend of speed, cost-effectiveness, and custom-made solutions, all delivered through a robust cloud platform.

WIDUNI empowers you to choose, complement, and create a fully integrated IT ecosystem that aligns seamlessly with your business goals. Tailor the platform to your unique needs, creating a niche solution that enhances efficiency and productivity.

WIDUNI's C-SaaS Model
WIDUNI's C-SaaS model takes the best of both the Project Model and SaaS Model, offering Custom-Made solutions, Fast Delivery, and Price Competitiveness. As a result, WIDUNI becomes your dedicated IT function, providing on-demand solutions that precisely meet your organization's requirements.

One Solution Four Variants Tailored for your Unique Business Needs

WIDUNI C-SaaS is available in four variants as per your business needs. No matter at what stage of enterprise level you are in we have you covered with four unique variants that fit your business needs.



For customers with specialized requirements like IFRS Compliance ERP, WIDUNI provides Niche' solutions. Our focus is on delivering precision in addressing specific industry needs, ensuring compliance, and embracing the intricacies of niche markets.



When your business demands a custom-made solution, WIDUNI CuMa steps in. For situations where a suitable SaaS solution doesn't exist or fails to meet your unique requirements, our CuMa model becomes your dedicated IT function. WIDUNI CuMa provides on-demand solutions tailored precisely to your organization's needs, offering the best of both the Project and the SaaS models.



In scenarios where seamless integration with existing IT solutions is paramount, WIDUNI CoExist shines. We understand the importance of harmony in your IT ecosystem. WIDUNI CoExist is designed to seamlessly integrate with your current IT infrastructure, delivering business results without disrupting your established systems.



For businesses seeking a readymade solution to maximize ROI, enable faster implementation, and minimize the risk of IT investment, WIDUNI SaaS is the answer. Our pre-packaged SaaS solution is ready to deploy, ensuring rapid implementation without compromising customization capabilities. WIDUNI SaaS empowers you to swiftly realize the benefits of digital transformation while minimizing the associated risks.

Take a Closer Look

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Imagine having your own 'in-house' IT department with 24/7 support framework encapsulated in a single, comprehensive solution. Our WIDUNI variants covers the entire spectrum of enterprise processes, seamlessly integrating 

  • Customer Invoicing / Billing

  • Order Execution

  • Order Creation / CPQ (Configure, Price & Quote)

  • Procurement

  • CRM

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Operations 

  • Payroll

  • Order Management

  • Mobile Apps

Rapid Digital Evolution in Just 30 Days

Experience a complete digital transformation for your organization within just 30 days. WIDUNI streamlines and accelerates the process, allowing you to adapt quickly to the dynamic digital landscape.


Achieve Unmatched Agility and Efficiency with WIDUNI

Embark on a transformative journey with WIDUNI, where unprecedented agility and efficiency await. Our C-SaaS solution seamlessly integrates with your existing IT infrastructure, enabling rapid deployment and time-to-value realization.


Harness the Power of Unmatched Customization

WIDUNI's unparalleled customization capabilities empower businesses to tailor IT solutions to their specific needs and requirements. Our C-SaaS solution provides a comprehensive suite of features & functionalities, enabling businesses to craft applications that perfectly align with their unique business processes and objectives.


Experience Cost  Effectiveness at its Finest

WIDUNI's cloud based architecture eliminates the burden of upfront hardware and software investments, ensuring unparalleled cost-effectiveness. Our flexible pricing model aligns expenses with business needs, ensuring a seamless transition to the cloud without compromising financial prudence.

Partner with Astralinx for Unparalleled IT Success

At Astralinx, we are committed to guiding businesses towards digital transformation success. Our team of experienced IT professionals possesses in-depth expertise in C-SaaS solutions, enabling us to provide comprehensive guidance and support throughout your WIDUNI implementation journey.

Seize the Future of IT with WIDUNI! Reach out to us now for a complimentary 30-minute business consultation.

Discover firsthand how WIDUNI can elevate and transform your business.

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