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Managed IOT

DeCoDe IoT

Experience the power of Astralinx’s advanced IoT solutions to solve some of your most pressing industry challenges. Our visionary approach towards collaborative IoT helps you transition from IoT experiments to actual business outcomes. We offer the technical building blocks of IoT, including the related technologies and protocols for realizing your IoT vision.

We offer the perfect formula to get you started with your IoT transformation. Our solution offerings are all-encompassing and provide the essential elements required for complete IoT transformation, including the data storage, transmission workflows, mobile application development, integration handlers, remote monitoring services with real-time dashboards.

Our capability to deliver any kind and any level of IoT solutions inspires creative thinking and breeds innovation that positively impacts every business. With us, you can build advanced IoT solutions, automate your homes, offices, factories, schools, and make business processes more efficient, while improving your overall quality of life.

Astralinx's Complete IoT Offering  DeCoDe IoT


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