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Emerging Technologies

Utilizing IT for the betterment of the world around us


At Astralinx, our vision is to leverage IT for the betterment of the world around us. Our simplified visionary approach about the future direction of IT addresses its wide-scale adoption in many markets and many different spheres of life. We inspire creative thinking and collaboration among government bodies and local authorities that breed a culture of innovation and delivers solutions that positively impact lives. 

We use digital technologies and embed them across different functions to enhance the well-being of citizens. Our vision is to contribute to building cities that utilize technologies in various aspects of their working like report enhancements in power efficiency, water use, traffic congestion, environmental protection, pollution reduction, senior citizens care, public safety, to name a few.

We bring together technology advances such as wireless sensor networks, smart grids, cloud computing, and data analytics and use them as building blocks to create environmentally friendly, secure, and prosperous cities and homes.

Also, we bank on the increasing proliferation of smart-phones and social media and utilize the data generated by user wearable/mobile devices as our key source of information. We use this data to gain better insights through cognitive computation, coupled with business intelligence and visual analytics. 


Key Offerings

Clean and Green Technologies

⦁ Smart Cities Solutions
⦁ Completely  Automated
⦁ Scalable









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