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Cybersecurity is an important factor in cloud infrastructure that needs careful consideration. With our cloud-based SOC we help you fill gaps in your IT security without having to invest in 24x7 in-house resources. We eliminate the need for an in-house security information and management system (SIEM) and provide round the clock incident management and resolution to protect your cloud investments from any threats. We also enable you to meet compliance requirements with our SOC as a Service offering.

  • 24x7 Cloud Security Services

  • Incident Management and Response

  • Fully Managed or Co-managed Services

  • Compliance Reporting

With many advantages the cloud brings a few challenges for users in the form of security threats. We conduct security training to make your employees aware about risks like phishing and vishing without having the hassle of managing the cloud. With our security awareness training you can offload the challenge of planning and conducting training programs while still keeping track with our comprehensive reporting systems.

  • Proven Training Approach

  • Expert Trainers

  • Security Threat Assessment

  • Periodic Reporting






Continuous identification and assessment of vulnerabilities in your cloud environment is required to keep your assets secure and reduce risk. We identify, evaluate, treat, and report vulnerabilities to minimize threats to your cloud investments. We ensure that the cloud is not compromised in any way and has ongoing vulnerability checks with our automated processes. We help in detecting vulnerabilities faster while keeping their impact to a minimum.

  • Vulnerability Assessment

  • Monitoring and Alerts

  • Vulnerability Scanning

  • Low Cost of Operation, Accuracy, and Scalability

Threat Intelligence is an integral part of security architecture for risk management. We help in improving your detection and response to threats by providing threat intelligence that significantly reduces reaction time with timely alerts. Our guidance and informed approach to threat intelligence enable you to leverage modern tools and technologies for maintaining a secure environment. We provide action-oriented advice for existing as well as emerging security threats to your cloud environments.

  • Complete and Accurate threat intelligence from multiple sources

  • Alerts and on-call support

  • Threat hunting for enhanced safety

  • Sector-specific intelligence




With growing hours of surveillance, it is increasingly difficult to monitor video footage and detect specific incidents. We provide video surveillance analytics that utilize your video footage to make your security camera systems intelligent. We reduce the workload of your security staff by automating surveillance monitoring and providing targeted information and alerts of video footage as per your specifications. Our informed approach takes into account the different makes and brands of surveillance equipment used by your facilities to provide customized solutions.

  • Auto tracking objects

  • Incident detection and reporting

  • Operations Optimization

  • AI-based Analytics

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