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ARX Advantage

 Our flexible engagement model

The ARX Advantage

Astralinx provides a spectrum of services to cater to the varied needs of its customers in Digital Transformation. We offer three systematic phases.

The ARX Model for Digital Transformation


The Adopt phase is for enterprises who are at the entry phase of their digital transformation journey. For these enterprises, we build a complete digital road map. In this phase, we offer an outline of a comprehensive digitization strategy with a clear mission and goal, evaluate the organization’s full technology ecosystem, and identify the required systems that need to be replaced or modernized. In this phase, we look beyond the now to technologies that can drive disruptive competitive advantages for our customers.

Rapidly Optimize

The Rapid Optimization phase is for enterprises who have already started their digital transformation journey and want to expand their digital adoption—companies who are looking to use digital technology to improve some specific existing operating processes or business models. For these customers, we use a multi-pronged approach where we leverage digital technologies to enhance customer experiences and drive sales, and at the same time, we use digital to optimize operations and deliver higher operational efficiencies. We do this using our in-house accelerators and solutions.


The Transformation phase is ideal for enterprises that understand that digital transformation is a journey and an ongoing process. For these enterprises, we offer modernized solutions, emerging technologies, scalable processes, and hyper-automation services where we implement multiple technologies at once, generating combinatorial benefits.
We also relook their digital roadmap based on evolving technologies and industry shifts to help them always stay relevant. 

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