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Docker containers allow applications to be predictable, secure, and scalable. With our Docker expertise we enable seamless operations that are cost-effective and well-managed. We leverage the functionality of dockers to maximize your cloud resources. With Dockers, we help minimize time-to-market for your applications while maintaining secure operations.

  • Build and Deploy Applications

  • Data Processing

  • Continuous Integration and Delivery

  • Microservices

Our CaaS model allows you to deploy and manage applications on-demand. With a robust CaaS framework we provide scalable and secure for quick deployment needs. We allow you to benefit from responsive and stable containers from multiple cloud providers with our best practices and expertise. Be it cloud-native apps or microservices, we also enhance portability between environments. 

  • Container Orchestration

  • Build, Manage, and Deploy Applications

  • Pay-as-you-go




Monolithic applications can be large and complex to build and maintain. With microservices applications we enable you to create independently deployable clusters that are easy to maintain and test. We help you evolve your technology stack with frequent and reliable deployment of complex applications. Our approach minimizes organization risk and maximizes benefits from microservices architecture.

  • Microservices Assessment

  • Microservices Architecture

  • Build and Deploy

We provide deployment and operations support for Kubernetes solutions. We help you leverage the powerful features of automation and scalability of Kubernetes tool by integrating it in your existing IT environment. With our Kubernetes expertise you can maximize multicloud portability. Our best practices and support enable you to benefit from automation and scalability of Kubernetes applications. 

  • Fully managed Kubernetes

  • Deployment and operation

  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting




HPC provides benefits like increased productivity and cost efficiency. We help you realise the power of the cloud with our HPC services. Our methodical and reliable approach enables you to run complex workloads on the cloud to meet business targets. We enhance your computing experience with AI/ML in HPC to utilize big data and provide valuable insights.

  • HPC Consulting and Framework

  • HPC Cloud Migrations

  • Maintenance and Support

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