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We, at Astralinx, are digital natives who leverage cloud technology to expand your business horizons. We help you improve speed-to-market, productivity, and customer and employee satisfaction by applying engineering principles to cloud solutions. We enable sustainable growth for your business through cloud transformation and support you to stay ahead of your competition. Realise the true potential of your business with  continuous innovation with our Cloud Engineering services.

  • Build and Deploy at scale

  • Multidisciplinary Capabilities

  • IaaS, PaaS, SaaS

Migration to cloud is a huge undertaking that can mean a significant change for your organization and needs considerable planning. Migrating to the cloud provides various benefits like scalability, flexibility, cost reduction and collaboration. We conduct a thorough assessment of your requirements before creating a comprehensive roadmap for data, application, or infrastructure migration. We bundle your applications and services appropriately for fast and disturbance free migrations.

  • Migration Roadmap and Strategy

  • Multicloud Migrations

  • Architecture Design

  • Real-time Risk Analysis





We bring agility to cloud migration with our phased migration services. This enables you to have cost-effective, seamless, updated, and secure cloud services. We conduct an in-depth technical and functional assessment to prioritize asset migration. We analyze the risks and threats involved to avoid any eventualities and keep you cloud compliant. Our experts securely deploy cloud for your organization with negligible disruption of operations.

  • Technical and Functional Assessment

  • Risk Analysis

  • Multicloud or Hybrid Deployment

  • Security and Compliance

DevOps is a philosophy that allows continuous improvement to software while encouraging collaboration and focusing on business value. We combine our expertise in cloud with DevOps knowledge to create automated solutions that drive business growth. We help you streamline development and deployment processes to maximize innovation. Cloud and DevOps together make it possible to increase the delivery speed and provide new features faster, resulting in improved customer experience.

  • Cloud Architecture and Design

  • CI/CD Pipeline

  • Workflow Automation

  • Security Management and Monitoring




Cloud is a significant investment for your organization that should be optimized to make the best of your resources. We help in Identification of mismanaged resources, waste elimination, and right sizing to significantly reduce your cloud spend. We enable you to benefit from the unlimited scalability offered by the cloud by lowering IT costs with best practices that optimize cloud costs. We lead you to achieve peak performance with only the adequate cloud resources.

  • Cloud Cost Optimization Strategy

  • Right Sizing Computing Services

  • Cloud Governance

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